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3 steps to make your CV stand out

Preparing a standout CV will take a little extra time and effort. Some job seekers in today’s marketplace have a tendency to present poor quality CV's to future employers which severely hampers their chance of securing an interview.

You need to think about the information you wish to present in your CV and then present it in a clear, professional and chronological order. Here are 3 tips which will help make your CV stand out.

Tip 1: Personal Profile

Highlight your transferable skills relevant to the new industry. Acknowledge your interest and passion for the new industry. Make sure to highlight your training or skills that will give you an advantage over other applicants

Tip 2: CV Layout & Content

List out any training or education you have completed that is relevant to this new industry or role to show that you’ve been working towards and are serious about a career change. Highlight your “Key Skills” that will be a benefit to the types of jobs you are now looking for. Tailor what you can from previous positions to suit the new industry. Pay attention to the job descriptions of the roles you’re applying to and match your skills to that, if you can.

Tip 3: Cover Letter

This is a great opportunity to explain why you would be an excellent addition to any team. Keep it brief and personal, focused on your skills that would be useful to a new employer. Show that you have researched the area and are passionate about this new industry. Talk about previous experience and the hard/soft skills that you used effectively to work on projects/with groups. Use your experience to your advantage.

At FRS Employability, we provide a full range of free training to help jobseekers find work in today’s competitive job market. If you have become recently unemployed we can help you re-start your career. We will work with you to develop a training plan that is specifically tailored to you. Our training and support is available anywhere, anytime. Not only will you get the support and recourses you need to return to the job market, you will also receive access to our industry leading on demand portal, Connect which acts as a ‘one stop employability shop’. Among the benefits of this portal include:

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· Access to recruitment agencies across Northern Ireland

· Access to leading NI job sites

· Other jobseeker focused tools.

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